Seiter & Miller Advertising

Seiter & Miller Advertising

460 Park Avenue South  New York, NY, 10016

Phone: (212) 843-9900

You found us.

It wasn’t easy, was it?

You googled ‘advertising agency’ but that only brought up the big boys, the conglomerates.

The kind of agency you’re with right now.

The one that got you looking in the first place.

Seiter & Miller was founded by, and is populated by, former big agency types, refugees, you could say, who felt we could do more for our clients if we weren’t saddled with all that big agency baggage.

Here, clients get the savvy, responsiveness and agility they were expecting all along.

You were looking.

Here we are.

You know the names.

Sometimes you look at a smaller agency client list and think, “Who are these companies?”

Not here.

Seiter & Miller’s current clients are substantial,accomplished enterprises, and recognized brands. Former clients, too. Over the years, we’ve been honored to work for many category-leaders, including AXA, Chubb, Nestle, Equitable Life, and Price Waterhouse.

Let's Talk Strategy

Let’s assume:

a) you don’t have all the resources in the world,
b) your competition is very tough and,
c) under no circumstances can you afford failure.

Now what?

We embrace the obstacles and limitations, using our YourSpace process to inspire solutions that are unique and unexpected.

1) Your Sanctuary
What are you really good at? Where are you secure and strong? The answer could be almost anything: a unique corporate culture, valuable technology and patents, powerful brands... This is your Sanctuary. A place where you are relatively immune from attack.

2) Your Staging Area for Growth
Now that we know your strengths, we can plot a plan for growth. We know your opportunities are not limitless, nor are your resources. What we’re looking for is a fit between all the possibilities and what you are uniquely qualified to do.

3) Your Space
Now we can put creative pen to paper and craft a unique and compelling argument to customers. We want them to see your values aligned with theirs so that they willingly enter YourSpace without the traditional brow-beating advertising usually inflicts.

So That's Seiter & Miller

A full-service advertising agency that’s small, but well-established.

Experienced, but not old.

Hungry for new business, but not starving for it either.

So what about you?

We know that you’re looking for a new advertising agency. Considering it, at least. We ask that you consider us.

We would like to provide you with our portfolio samples that are most relevant to your industry and the type of advertising services you require.