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About Us: How do you avoid the big snafu?

Instead of bogging you down with uninteresting facts about what year we came about (1995), where we started (New Bern, NC), and why we opened our doors to a new way of mass-appeal messaging (have 27 hours?), we’d rather talk about you---and avoiding the big snafu.

You see, the biggest mistake in advertising occurs when agencies work under the all-fun-no-work notion that advertising and marketing are one in the same.

They’re not. 

Marketing is the brains of the equation. Advertising is the heart. Good campaigns need both if they intend to make their mark.

At ViaMark, we deliver award-winning advertising campaigns with a strong marketing backbone.  For you, that means spike-the-needle performance for your ad dollars, and a wealth of expertise to help you get results more quickly.

Could be why we’ve gone from one shop to ten locations in our thirteen years, with offices spanning from South Carolina to Massachusetts.  And why our team of executives, creative pros, and media specialists work together to create strategy-based systems that have other agency folks asking, “How’d they do that?”

How? By avoiding the big snafu.

Very nice to meet you.


Advertising. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a tool to help businesses and corporations evolve to higher levels of presence, potential, performance, and profit.

Through the years, we’ve gained insights that have helped our client partners reach these levels more effectively. Here are just a few of our secrets:

Strategy before novelty

Creating clever headlines is fun and can elicit nice reactions during a pitch, but often times this approach offers no real meaning to the overall goal. At ViaMark, we never allow your message to hit the masses without sound reasoning behind it.

Always underpromise and overdeliver

One of the ways we’ve been able to maintain good relationships with our client partners is by allowing them to know what to expect, and then delivering it consistently.

Leave greed out of the ingredients

Respect goes a long way in building productive relationships. At ViaMark, we pay our vendors three times quicker than the industry average. We also avoid charging the many extraneous fees traditionally associated with creative production. We charge a fair price so that more dollars can go towards getting your message out effectively.

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